What best describes your motto in life?
When it comes to tech, I don’t pursue the best. I carve for the better.
Arts, from books to performances, is my go-to source of inspiration.
From hiking to diving, I am born to explore in the outdoor adventures.
When it comes to fashion, I don’t just own the items. I own the style.
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How would you normally like to spend your weekend?
Get immersed in the nature
Relax peacefully in a Café
Enjoy the newest AAA games
Try out new dishes at trending bistros
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What is your favorite activity after work?
Bar surfing
Browse tech gadgets online
Enjoy performing arts
Work out
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What type of digital content do you enjoy the most?
Technology news and trends
Sports highlights or workout channels
World news and interviews
Top music hits and trending dramas
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Where would you go to for a quick getaway?
Art exhibitions or bookshops
Bars or cafes
Countryside or seaside
Stay at home or to friends’ places
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Who would you like to be with during the quick getaway?
With friends
With myself
With strangers
With family or partner
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What devices have you charged up during last week? (Select all that apply)
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What do you care the most when selecting a charger/adapter? (Select at most 3)
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